Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Responds to Carbon Pricing Announcement: 10/23/2018

October 23, 2018
The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is disappointed that the federal government is moving forward with the imposition of a carbon tax on the province. “Businesses do not in any way benefit from new taxes and it is often difficult to pass new costs on to their customers,” said CEO Steve McLellan.
The position of the Saskatchewan Chamber has been clear and consistent in that the solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions will come from energy efficiency, innovation and a greater use of renewable energy, which would allow for improvements while ensuring there is not an unnecessary negative impact on the province’s economy.
“While we don’t applaud new taxes by any government, we do acknowledge this announcement provides some clarity and businesses can now plan for 2019 with greater certainty. The Trans Mountain Pipeline moving forward provides future access for our oil to tidewater and the new USMCA will provide clarity on trade with our largest trading partners. While new taxes are always a challenge, prolonged uncertainty is also a huge hurdle for businesses,” concluded McLellan.

The Saskatchewan Chamber will continue to communicate to its members and the broader business community as more details are made public.
Steve McLellan, CEO
(306) 352-2671

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