News Release: Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Network Clarify Position on Carbon Tax

December 18, 2018
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s recent report, A Competitive Transition and the follow-up media coverage surrounding it indicated the business community across Canada was in support of a carbon tax.
The members of the Chamber of Commerce Network in Saskatchewan are not supportive of the federally proposed carbon tax and have made their position on the matter clear for years.
“The Canadian Chamber of Commerce position on a carbon tax was decided many years ago and a lot has changed since then. While we support an orderly transition to a low-carbon economy, a carbon tax is not the right mechanism to move us effectively toward that goal,” said Saskatchewan Chamber CEO Steve McLellan.
“The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce has been active on the issue of carbon taxes and our policy on the matter has been clear and concise and very much in support of the Government of Saskatchewan’s efforts. The imposition of a carbon tax is not the right tool to serve our environmental or economic needs,” said Greater Saskatoon Chamber CEO Darla Lindbjerg.
"The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce is very supportive of initiatives which seek to reduce the impact of climate change, including concrete measures like a greater focus on renewables, conservation measures, and practices like zero-till which have direct impacts on reducing carbon emissions. Members of the Regina & District Chamber of Commerce have been opposed to the imposition of carbon taxes and pricing as the primary means to address climate change for many years now. A position which has not changed,” said Regina and District CEO John Hopkins. 
“The benefit of having a national network of organizations like the Canadian Chamber Network is that it generates ideas and insights from many different voices. Sometimes those voices agree and sometimes they don’t - and that makes the Network stronger in the end. Open dialogue and differing viewpoints are the hallmark of a healthy public policy environment and a sign of democracy,” said McLellan.
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Darla Lindbjerg, President and CEO
Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce
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Regina & District Chamber of Commerce
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