Provincial Chamber Announces Release of Saskatchewan Business Competitiveness Report

September 04, 2019
With Saskatchewan facing increased competition in international markets,  along with the challenges associated with an ever-changing political landscape, both the province and the federal government must refocus their efforts on creating an investment climate that promotes business competitiveness. In response to these challenges, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has released its latest report, “Beyond 2020 – A Blueprint for Saskatchewan Business Competitiveness” to address many of the key issues facing the Saskatchewan business community. The recommendations serve as a blueprint on how both levels of government can move forward to ensure continued competitiveness.
Saskatchewan is very entrepreneurial and competitive on several fronts. We are holding our own in global markets, but the speed of business and the number of disrupters is changing how we do things here, as well as the markets we need to be in. This report provides a clear path for the future of Saskatchewan business,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC).
“The SCC carried out extensive research and interviewed many of our members for this report. While we found that optimism remains high that Saskatchewan will continue to serve global markets, we also identified several key recommendations that we believe will enhance business competitiveness for Saskatchewan,” commented Joshua Kurkjian, the SCC’s Director of Research and Policy Development who coordinated the research process.
The report provides offers 24 recommendations in areas like Taxation, Regulations, Trade and Trade-Enabling Infrastructure, Procurement, Innovation, and Workforce Development.
“This report will serve as a valuable tool to inform business and government on what needs to be done to keep this province moving forward. As its title suggests, we need to think beyond 2020 to ensure our businesses continue to thrive,” added McLellan.
The full report is available here.
The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce serves as the voice of business and represents the interests of over 10,000 individual businesses, industry associations, and local Chambers across the province through the Chamber network.
Steve McLellan, CEO, (306) 352-2671

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