News Release: 5/25/2016 Hiring summer students is SMART

May 25, 2016
Hiring summer students a SMART choice, Sask Chamber says                
The results of a recent survey have prompted the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce to urge businesses to hire students this summer – and the Chamber believes it’s a mutually beneficial thing to do. The survey, which asked Saskatchewan businesses a variety of questions about hiring summer students, received a prompt and substantial response.
The survey showed that 60% of respondents hired students last summer. This year, however, only 57% have hired or plan to hire students. That reduction will significantly impact not only the students, but businesses themselves, who often hire their previous summer students as experienced labour after graduation on a permanent basis, making the best use of their prior investment.
“It’s a SMART investment for businesses to consider hiring students,” said Sask Chamber CEO Steve McLellan. “While we know the overall economy has changed, we hope that the businesses who are in a position to do so will make this investment in their future by providing students with the chance to gain valuable experience in the workplace.”
“While we understand that some businesses may not be in a position to do so right now, we ask those who can to help Saskatchewan students gain the skills they need to prepare them for post-graduation work and also help fund their schooling. In doing so, these employers are also helping themselves by covering off regular staff vacation periods, and also benefitting from getting the fresh perspective that students bring to the job.”
McLellan emphasized that the timing of hiring is important; the post-secondary year has ended, so many students are now available to focus on work full time, and very soon high school students will be ready and eager to start their summer jobs.  
Hiring summer students is a SMART idea because:
  • Summer is when the students have time to work.
  • Money is needed by young people to help pay for their education.
  • Aptitude for certain types of work is learned in these early jobs.
  • It’s the Role of business to help get these young people their first work experience.
  • Timing is critical so students get started as soon as possible during their summer break.
“Students rely on businesses to help them learn valuable skills as they evolve. They also rely on businesses to teach and practice the very best safety practices,” McLellan added. “And they’ve got new ideas, energy, and a world class education that has helped prepare them for the workplace.”
The Sask Chamber has created a resource page on its website for employers considering hiring summer students, at
Dawn Barker, Director of Communications
(306) 352-2671

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