Media Release: Saskatchewan Chamber Releases Low Carbon Report

March 16, 2021

Regina, SK – Today, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) released Building the Low Carbon Economy: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges for Saskatchewan, a collection of research, recommendations, and written submissions from industry experts on what it will take for Saskatchewan to successfully transition to the low carbon economy.

“The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce applauds the efforts and accomplishments of our province’s industries. From oil and gas to mining to agriculture to manufacturing and beyond, Saskatchewan businesses are continuously innovating to enhance environmental performance and each sector has opportunities, investments, and efficiencies that will continue to develop,” said Steve McLellan, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce CEO.

“Despite the environmental performance enhancements already undertaken, Saskatchewan businesses have a challenge before them. To build a thriving low carbon economy here, one that protects livelihoods and the environment, businesses and governments must work together,” continued McLellan. “The transition to a low carbon economy is a chance for Saskatchewan to build the economy for the next generation and enhance our resiliency.”

Building the Low Carbon Economy recognizes regulatory certainty, strategic investments in energy efficiency, and workforce reskilling as foundational pillars in the transition towards a low carbon economy. All of these, and more, will be needed for Saskatchewan to successfully transform. Specifically, the SCC’s report contains 18 recommendations focused on how the provincial and federal government can support Saskatchewan businesses striving to achieve the federal government’s climate change goals.

Feeding into the development of these recommendations, the SCC collected written contributions from 11 businesses and organizations. These expert submissions are included in the full version of the report, which can be downloaded from the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce website.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Saskatchewan Business and represents the interests of over 10,000 individual businesses, industry associations, and local chambers across the province through its chamber network. Information on the Low Carbon Economy and more can be found at or @SaskChamber on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Steve McLellan
CEO, Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce

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