Changes to Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Requirements

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Changes to Reporting Threshold – All Facilities

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has made major changes to its Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) for regulated emitters.
The threshold for reporting annual greenhouse gas emissions (measured in carbon dioxide equivalents) has been lowered from 50 kilotonnes (kt) to 10 kilotonnes. All facilities that emit the equivalent of 10 kt in GHG emissions per year or more will be required to submit a report to ECCC. As a result, there will be a significant increase in the number of facilities reporting to the program.

Expanded Reporting Requirements – Specific Industrial Activities

A revised GHGRP will also apply to a wider range of greenhouse gas emitting operations effective for the 2017 reporting year. Facilities engaged in the following activities will be required to provide additional data and must apply a prescribed methodological framework in determining their GHG emissions:
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Lime manufacturing
  • Iron and steel manufacturing
  • Aluminum manufacturing
  • Carbon capture, Transportation, and Storage (CCTS)
Phase II of the expanded GHGRP requirements will cover facilities engaged in the following activities: petroleum refining and electricity generation. Stakeholder consultations around the Phase II requirements are expected to take place for Spring 2018.

Next Steps - Single Window Reporting System

Similar to years previous, the ECCC’s single window reporting system will remain in place and will start accepting completed reports in mid-March 2018. The deadline for facilities to submit their completed reports to the GHGRP is June 1st.
On a provisional basis, Saskatchewan facilities subject to the expanded federal reporting requirements for CCTS and already reporting similar GHG emissions-related data under the provincial program will be offered the option to submit their provincial report in compliance with these GHGRP requirements.

For those Saskatchewan facilities who emit 10 kt of GHG emissions per year or more and engaged in the aforementioned activities (cement, lime, iron & steel, etc.), will, going forward, be required to comply with existing provincial GHGRP requirements plus the expanded federal GHGRP requirements. This is because the provincial reporting program does not collect data that meets the newly-expanded federal GHGRP standards.

Tools available to assist reporters  
Accounting, Auditing, and Verification

Please be advised that as we move to a sector-specific, output-based performance standard on regulated emitters, facilities are now required to account for their annual GHG emissions. Because of this, reported annual GHG emissions must be audited and verified by a qualified, independent third-party due to the monetary implications of the output-based measures.

Contact Us

If you are a Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce member whose facility is now required to submit a report to the GHGRP, we may be able to help you. The Chamber has at its disposal members operating in the environmental management and consulting field who may be able to provide important technical assistance.

Please contact Joshua Kurkjian, Director of Research and Policy Development for any assistance. Email: Tel: 306-781-3125
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