News Release: 9/7/2016 Prairie Mud Service inducted into ABEX Business Hall of Fame

September 08, 2016
September 7, 2016

Prairie Mud Service to be inducted into ABEX Business Hall of Fame
The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Prairie Mud Service will be the 2016 inductee into the Saskatchewan Business Hall of Fame at the ABEX Awards on October 22nd.

 “We at the chamber are very happy to see Prairie Mud inducted into the Business Hall of Fame. They have demonstrated incredible perseverance and commitment to their work and to their community. Given the highly cyclical nature of Saskatchewan’s oil and gas sector, Prairie Mud’s longevity and success in the industry along with Ray Frehlick’s leadership is truly commendable,” said Steve McLellan, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

In 1976 Prairie Mud & Chemical Services Ltd. was incorporated in Estevan by Ray Frehlick. Having worked in Saskatchewan and the United States as a fluid engineer for 23 years, Ray was familiar with the industry and could see potential for Saskatchewan’s role within it. Starting Prairie Mud & Chemical Service in 1976, Ray addressed the need for a full service mud company in the Estevan area. Prairie Mud Service Partnership was formed in 2002 and expanded into Manitoba, North Dakota, Montana and Alberta.

Prairie Mud continues to be a well-respected Saskatchewan company as evident by their many years of continued success in this unpredictable sector.

Jackie Wall, Executive Director of the Estevan Chamber of Commerce said, “We cannot think of a business more deserving of this recognition than Prairie Mud Service. The company, as well as Ray Frehlick are pillars of this community, one would be hard-pressed to find a community initiative that Ray and Prairie Mud have not had a hand in.”

Ray Frehlick, President and General Manager of Prairie Mud Service said, “There are a lot of businesses in the province who are bigger and employ more people; but we are proud of our work and just do our best to support the communities that we live and work in.”

The Hall of Fame will be presented at the ABEX Awards on October 22nd at TCU Place in Saskatoon. Tickets are now available for ABEX 2016 can be purchased online at:

Steve McLellan, CEO
(306) 352-2671