Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce named ACCE Finalist of the Year 2017 - judging taking place July 16-19, 2017

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is a finalist in the ACCE Awards for Chamber of the Year for 2017!

For the second consecutive year, the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has been has been named a finalist for the 2017 Chamber of the Year award, presented by the Alexandria, Virginia-based Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.
Chamber of the Year is North America’s only award recognizing the leadership role chambers have in their communities. Those honored with the Chamber of the Year designation have demonstrated organizational strength and made an impact on key community priorities, such as education, transportation, business development and quality of life.
Organizations entering the Chamber of the Year competition must meet minimum thresholds in at least three of five key performance areas, including net revenue, net assets, membership account retention, and membership dollar retention. In addition to meeting these benchmarks, nominees profiled two programs/initiatives which demonstrate the chamber’s advocacy work.
The SCC’s application detailed the creation of the Financial Literacy Network and global efforts to include financial literacy in the K-12 curriculum, resulting in enhancement of overall student achievement.  The second project profiled in the application was the work done by the Northern Business Task Force, which advocates efforts to enhance the business, social and educational environment of Saskatchewan’s remote north.
The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is honoured to be nominated in the State/Province category of the Chamber of the Year Award alongside the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Responding to the finalist announcement, Saskatchewan Chamber CEO Steve McLellan said, “We are thrilled to be an ACCE Chamber of the Year Finalist. We are proud of the great work our volunteers, board and staff undertake to make the things we do so relevant to business in this province. To be included among the top two finalists chosen from state and provincial chambers across North America is something we feel privileged to have achieved.”
Judging, and the subsequent presenting of awards to the winners in each category, will take place in Nashville, Tennessee at the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives annual conference, from July 16 - 19, 2017.
Steve McLellan, CEO
(306) 352-2671