Media Release: Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is Transitioning with Retirement of Longtime CEO

November 16, 2021
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is Transitioning with Retirement of Longtime CEO
The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce has served the provincial business community for over a century and is about to begin another chapter with the retirement of CEO Steve McLellan in late January 2022.

“Steve has served in the role of CEO since 2007 and he has decided that it’s time for him to retire, allowing him more time to focus on fishing, travel and spending time with his family. These past 14 years with Steve as our CEO have seen the role of the Chamber grow in many areas and we thank Steve for his commitment to the organization, its members, and his focus on growing Saskatchewan businesses,” said Thomas Benjoe, Board Chair of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce.

The Board of Directors has established a CEO search committee to lead the efforts to find a new CEO which is now underway. The Board is very confident that all programs and services will continue unabated as this transition occurs and a new CEO is hired.

“I am honored to have been part of this amazing team at the Chamber and am very confident the future will be incredibly positive for the staff, board, partners and members. The years ahead will be exciting and I will enjoy watching the continued success of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce,” said Steve McLellan.

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is rightfully proud of the many successes it has achieved in the last century and looks forward to its future as the pandemic subsides and a new sense of normal is achieved. The organization will continue to encourage business growth in Saskatchewan by amplifying the voices of Saskatchewan businesses, supporting its members, enhancing Indigenous engagement, developing business friendly policy, offering learning opportunities and connecting businesses throughout the province.

For information on the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce programs or services, contact Elissa LaLiberte, Director of Operations at 306-781-3128.

For information on the CEO search process, contact Thomas Benjoe at
Laurèn Neumann
Director of Marketing and Communications

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